Prichindeii savureaza!

Initiated by Eurocarta Association and implemented in cooperation with Slow Food International, Hornbach and Association of Educators in Romania, “Prichindeii savureaza!” will start on 1st June 2011 in the kindergarten Junior nr 26, Brasov.  The main objective is to create an interlinked relationship between different stakeholders for a better environment based on the importance of eating slow food. This will involve children, parents, educators, hypermarkets and the local community.  On 1st of June, the children will play, learn about healthy food, taste organic honey and color on ecological bags. The bags will be further distributed in Hornbach Brasov where will also be a photo exhibition to present the campaign during summer.  From September on, when children return to the kindergarten, they will participate to workshops on slow food and taste education on monthly bases.

If you wish to support the campaign in any way, or you would like to find out more information about “ Prichindeii savureaza!” and other Eurocarta’s projects, contact us at or call 0040 723 656 024


Palamari’s Cultural Center at EcoMarathon

We are looking forward to seeing you at Eco Marathon, on 7th of May, in Moeciu de Sus. Visit our info stand to find out more about our activities and join us for a free, demonstrative workshop for all ages. You can create your own hand made card and take it home with you as a souvenir of this wonderful day!

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See you there!

National Conference “European Schools for Healthy Food” 25 March 2011

Eurocarta and Slow Food Convivium Bran-Moeciu organized on 25th March 2011, in Brasov, the National Conference “European Schools for Healthy Food”.
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Experience Romanian culture and tradition!

Experience the unique, the friendly, the unforgettable!

You live in a fast-changing world, and we challenge you to stop for an oasis of peace, creativity, and tradition. Discover Romanian culture beyond a museum’s glass boxes and the stories of a tourist guide. Palamari’s Cultural Center brings culture and tradition only a stone’s throw away from your daily activities and the busy city environment.                                                                                                  

Palamari’s traditional architectural complex consists of two wooden houses and an Orthodox church originating from Maramures.  It re-creates an atmosphere of a time long forgotten and the spirit of Romanian culture.  Set in a backdrop of stunning views of majestic mountains, terraced hills, and evergreen forests, its treasures are waiting to be explored.

More than just an exhibition, Palamari’s Cultural Center has a “hands on” approach and invites you to step in the shoes of a Romanian craft-maker and re-create tradition. Through interactive workshops, you can learn not only old crafting techniques, but also new and creative methods. Depending on your preferences, you can enjoy a wide range of activities for all ages, discover the rustic ambiance around the center, or surprise your family, friends, and guests with a unique experience for your meetings, leisure activities, and holidays.

Are you visiting Transylvania region, Bran area or Dracula’s Castel? Are you looking for something to do in Brasov ? Do you want to have an active holiday and spend your free time in a creative way? We have what you want!

Discover a place where time stood still…Experience it!  Re-create it!  Take it with you!

Interactive Programme: Winter Celebration 3-6 February 2011

The Interactive Programme: Winter Celebration took place between 3rd and 6th February 2011. 15 children from C.N. Andrei Saguna chose to have an active holiday in Bran area and participated in interactive and creative workshops, Romanian craft making, games and outdoor activities.

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Terra Madre Day 10 December 2010

Terra Madre Day took place on 10th of December in three schools in Brasov. A number of 53 students from C.N. Andrei Saguna, C.N. Unirea and C.N Dr. Ion Mesota participated in an interactive workshop and a Taste Adventure competition. They had to use their five senses, to recognize the ingredients of the Romanian traditional Cozonac. The competition was followed by a presentation about the origins of taste, a debate about Romanian traditions for Christmas and food tasting. We were pleased that all children enjoyed the activity and presented interest for future projects.

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Cultural afternoon July 2010

Palamari’s Cultural Center hosted the participants to the camp organized by the Jewish Community Center from Cristian, Brasov. During the afternoon they enjoyed a presentation of the Maramures architectural complex, traditional Romanian costumes and decorations. The program included a tasting of natural products from the area of Bran, a must do when u visit Transylvania.

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Child’s Day 1 June 2010

Palamari’s Cultural Center offered an interactive gift for the children that participated during this last year at several activities and active holidays. For a few hours, the children had a virtual treasure hunting and several outdoor activities and fun games.

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Demo Workshop 23 April 2010

In order to present some of the activities for the summer, in Bran  area, PCC introduced a few demonstrative workshops in a prestigious high-school from Brasov.

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Workshop for mothers 5 March 2010

Palamari’s Cultural Center together with “Dr.I. Mesota” High-school surprised the mothers with a special spring gift, a creative workshop. During this workshop, the mothers learned a new technique, Quilling, and created greeting cards having as the central theme the spring.

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