Prichindeii savureaza!

Initiated by Eurocarta Association and implemented in cooperation with Slow Food International, Hornbach and Association of Educators in Romania, “Prichindeii savureaza!” will start on 1st June 2011 in the kindergarten Junior nr 26, Brasov.  The main objective is to create an interlinked relationship between different stakeholders for a better environment based on the importance of eating slow food. This will involve children, parents, educators, hypermarkets and the local community.  On 1st of June, the children will play, learn about healthy food, taste organic honey and color on ecological bags. The bags will be further distributed in Hornbach Brasov where will also be a photo exhibition to present the campaign during summer.  From September on, when children return to the kindergarten, they will participate to workshops on slow food and taste education on monthly bases.

If you wish to support the campaign in any way, or you would like to find out more information about “ Prichindeii savureaza!” and other Eurocarta’s projects, contact us at or call 0040 723 656 024


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