National Conference “European Schools for Healthy Food” 25 March 2011

Eurocarta and Slow Food Convivium Bran-Moeciu organized on 25th March 2011, in Brasov, the National Conference “European Schools for Healthy Food”.
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Interactive Programme: Winter Celebration 3-6 February 2011

The Interactive Programme: Winter Celebration took place between 3rd and 6th February 2011. 15 children from C.N. Andrei Saguna participated in interactive and creative workshops, games and outdoor activities.

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Terra Madre Day 10 December 2010

Terra Madre Day took place on 10th of December in three schools in Brasov. A number of 53 students from C.N. Andrei Saguna, C.N. Unirea and C.N Dr. Ion Mesota participated in a Taste Adventure competition. They had to use their five senses, to recognize the ingredients of the Romanian traditional Cozonac. The competition was followed by a presentation about the origins of taste, a debate about local traditions for Christmas and cozonac tasting. We were pleased that all children enjoyed the activity and presented interest for future projects.

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Cultural afternoon July 2010

Palamari’s Cultural Center hosted the participants to the camp organized by the Jewish Community Center from Cristian, Brasov. During the afternoon they enjoyed a presentation of the Maramures architectural complex, traditional costumes and decorations. The program included a tasting of natural products from the area of Bran.

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Cultural Weekend 4 – 6 June 2010

Palamari’s Cultural Center started the summer activities with a cultural weekend for a group of 21 children from the 7th grade of the “Andrei Saguna” High-school from Brasov. The main activities were: outdoor workshops, creative workshops and trips. In the second day of the program they took a trip to one of the highest points in the area.

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Child’s Day 1 June 2010

Palamari’s Cultural Center offered an interactive gift for the children that participated during this last year at several activities. For a few hours, the children had a virtual treasure hunting and several fun games.

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Waffles Weekend 22 – 23 May 2010

This cultural weekend concentrated on the Scandinavian Waffles. The participants cooked some waffles and then tasted them. In addition to this a special guest from America held a workshop about Life Style. The whole weekend was full of sportive activities, such as trips and treasure hunting.

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Demo Workshop 23 April 2010

In order to present some of the activities for the summer of 2010, PCC introduced a few demonstrative workshops in a prestigious high-school from Brasov.

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Workshop for mothers 5 March 2010

Palamari’s Cultural Center together with “Dr.I. Mesota” High-school surprised the mothers with a special spring gift, a creative workshop. During this workshop, the mothers learned a new technique, Quilling, and created greeting cards having as the central theme the spring.

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Creative Workshops 5-6 February 2010

Palamari’s Cultural Center hosted the Winter School organised by an association of teachers from Romania and organised a set of workshop especially for them.

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Interaction & Discovery 2010

This year’s Interaction & Discovery was a special one.For 5 days, a group of 13 children, aged between 12 and 14 enjoyed a program in English. The diversity of the workshops and the special guests transformed the project in one of the best. We invite you to access the photo gallery !
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Multicultural Weekend 17 – 18 October 2009

Palamari’s Cultural Center organized a thematic multicultural weekend . The focus was on Romanian, Dutch and Japanese culture and civilization. The children saw for the first time what is a kimono, learned the art of origami, the complexity of dutch bridges, main Romanian folk dances and a lot more. Also the children expressed their creativity in a Slow Food workshop about healthy and unhealthy food.

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Open days 10-11 September 2009

Palamari’s Cultural Center in cooperation with JCC organised two open days for representatives of two institutions from Brasov. In this program Palamari’s Cultural Center and JCC included interactive presentations of the activities of the two cultural centers and two demonstrative workshops for each group.

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Traditional & Trendy Day 2009

Palamari’s Cultural Center in cooperation with the  Business and Ethics course organized this year the 3rd edition of the Traditional & Trendy Day. This year  on the 21st of August,  12 students participated to the program. They took part at 3 different interactive workshops: culinary art, photography and 3D design.

At the end of the day, the students presented what they realized today and everybody had the pleasure to taste what they prepared at the culinary art workshop.

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Creative Workshops for JCC 29 July 2009

On the 29th of July, at the Center for Instruction and Recreation from Cristian, the Palamari’s Cultural Center team organised paralel creative workshops for adults. During these workshops we found out what means happiness for each of us in particular and the participants created their own picture with natures’ elements.

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Creative Workshops for JCC 12 July 2009

The creative workshops organized by Palamari’s Cultural Center at the solicitation of JCC took place at the Center for Instruction and Recreation from Cristian. During this program we organized parallel workshops for children and adults.

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Weekend “Dr. I. Mesota” Highschool May 2009

For two days, 30 to 31st of May 2009, a group of students from the 5th grade met our cultural center.
One of our main objectives was helping the children to know themselves better by learning an playing.

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Dutch Group Day 26 May 2009

On the 26 of May we had a Dutch Group that met our cultural center.
We included in their programme presentations of the Cultural Center, traditional jewelry and Traditional Romanian Cooking.

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Cultural Weekend School 5, Brasov May 2009

For two days, 16- 17 May, a group of children from the 3rd grade were happy to participate to our programmes. They learned about the importance of recycling and tested their general knowledge.

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Easter Camp 14 – 16 April 2009

The Easter Bunny is coming! While waiting for the Easter Bunny and celebrations, Palamari’s Cultural Center, along with mister professor Sorin Apan, helped the children to dye eggs. The weather was great, and the landscape inspired the children to create Easter decorations, bunny book-markers and greeting cards for their parents.

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European Citizenship day 1st April 2009

Palamari’s Cultural Center was visited by a group of 25 persons from 11 European countries. The participants were received with Romanian traditional products and after that they visited the whole cultural center. They all were impressed and become our friends.

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Spring Celebration 28-29 March 2009

The spring has arrived to Palamari’s Cultural Center also! Once with the arrival of the spring, Palamari’s Cultural Center introduced in their program new creative and educational activities for children. The main activities were: painting on glass, oratory workshop, English can be fun course and a photography workshop. Of course that we didn’t miss the relaxing and energizing games. In this weekend Palamari’s Cultural Center hosted an exposition of photography and at the end of the weekend also an exposition with the things created by the children during the activities.

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Cultural Weekend 6 – 8 February 2009

A new year full of creative activities for your children has started! We started the New Year thinking at Japan. The children learned abut the famous art of origami. And to make them smile at the beginning of the year, the children had a lot of opportunities to have fun, such as: games, creative activities, folk dances, painting on glass, face-painting and a small party.

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Interaction & Discovery 2009

Palamari’s Cultural Center started the summer in a powerful way with a recreational program for 1 week from 6 to 10 July with a group of children from 8 to 11 years old and continued for another week from 20 to 24 July with a group of older children, 11 to 15 years old.The children lived probably the best week of their summer holiday! Access the photos and see for yourselves !
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Interaction&Discovery 2008

„Children’s rights and Romanian Culture Interaction and Discovery2” programme took place at the Palamari’s Cultural Center having as main objective recreation and children’s education on their rights and responsabilities, but also the preservation of Romanian traditions. Every morning, children played a game to assure their energy doze for the rest of the day. After many interesting and attractive activities, they also had some spare time in order to know each other better and bind friendships. The main activities of the camp were: glass painting, traditional jewllery manufacturing, workshop concerning the rights and the responsabilities of the child, the importance of dreams in life and making an album of the „Interaction and Discovery 2” programme.
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Discover by learning 2008

Discover by learning “Life without goals is like a race without a finish line” The project “Discover by learning” targets children with fewer opportunities and aims to increase their self-confidence level, to inform them about their rights and responsibilities and to promote the educational facilities in Romania. “Discover by learning” project is financially supported in the framework of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission and is implemented by Eurocarta-Association for European Integration.
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Interaction & Discovery 2006

The main objective of “INTERACTION & DISCOVERY” project is to develop an interactive educational programme focused on children’s rights and Romanian culture, in a natural environment.
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