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Experience Romanian culture and tradition!

Experience the unique, the friendly, the unforgettable!

You live in a fast-changing world, and we challenge you to stop for an oasis of peace, creativity, and tradition. Discover Romanian culture beyond a museum’s glass boxes and the stories of a tourist guide. Palamari’s Cultural Center brings culture and tradition only a stone’s throw away from your daily activities and the busy city environment.                                                                                                  

Palamari’s traditional architectural complex consists of two wooden houses and an Orthodox church originating from Maramures.  It re-creates an atmosphere of a time long forgotten and the spirit of Romanian culture.  Set in a backdrop of stunning views of majestic mountains, terraced hills, and evergreen forests, its treasures are waiting to be explored.

More than just an exhibition, Palamari’s Cultural Center has a “hands on” approach and invites you to step in the shoes of a Romanian craft-maker and re-create tradition. Through interactive workshops, you can learn not only old crafting techniques, but also new and creative methods. Depending on your preferences, you can enjoy a wide range of activities for all ages, discover the rustic ambiance around the center, or surprise your family, friends, and guests with a unique experience for your meetings, leisure activities, and holidays.

Are you visiting Transylvania region, Bran area or Dracula’s Castel? Are you looking for something to do in Brasov ? Do you want to have an active holiday and spend your free time in a creative way? We have what you want!

Discover a place where time stood still…Experience it!  Re-create it!  Take it with you!


Multicultural Weekend 17 – 18 October 2009

Palamari’s Cultural Center organized a thematic multicultural weekend . The focus was on Romanian, Dutch and Japanese culture and civilization. The children saw for the first time what is a kimono, learned the art of origami, the complexity of dutch bridges, main Romanian folk dances and a lot more. Also the children expressed their creativity in a Slow Food workshop about healthy and unhealthy food.

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Dutch Group Day 26 May 2009

On the 26 of May we had a Dutch Group that met our cultural center.
We included in their programme presentations of the Cultural Center and Romanian Culture, Romanian craft making: traditional jewelry and Traditional Romanian Cooking.

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Easter Camp 14 – 16 April 2009

The Easter Bunny is coming! While waiting for the Easter Bunny and celebrations, Palamari’s Cultural Center, along with mister professor Sorin Apan, helped the children to dye eggs and learn more about Romanian culture and traditional craft making in Bran area. The weather was great, and the landscape inspired the children to create Easter decorations, bunny book-markers and greeting cards for their parents.

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Interaction&Discovery 2008

„Children’s rights and Romanian Culture Interaction and Discovery2” programme took place at the Palamari’s Cultural Center having as main objective recreation and children’s education on their rights and responsabilities, but also the preservation of Romanian traditions and culture. Every morning, children played a game to assure their energy doze for the rest of the day. After many interesting and interactive activities, they also had some spare time in order to know each other better and bind friendships. The main activities of the camp were: glass painting,creative activities, Romanian crafts making: traditional jewllery manufacturing, workshop concerning the rights and the responsabilities of the child, the importance of dreams in life, outdoor activities and making an album of the „Interaction and Discovery 2” programme.
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Interaction & Discovery 2006

The main objective of “INTERACTION & DISCOVERY” project is to develop an interactive educational programme focused on children’s rights and Romanian culture, in a natural environment.
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